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simon andersen origami modelsA couple of days ago I received a box full of origami surprises created and folded  by Simon Andersen, a very prolific paper folder from Denmark.

I couldn’t wait to open it, and when I did… Wow!! I felt like a little child in Christmas. The only difference is that I took the models out slowly to savor every piece. I wanted to prolong my joy as much as possible.

The simplicity and beauty of his models go straight to my heart. Using the water-bomb base and a few folds, he has created these abstract and expressive origami models. Some of them are inflatable. I also loved Simon’s letter, written on the cardboard box, and his use of humble and unconventional papers… including sand paper!
His work is definitely an invitation to play, explore and learn. Little by little I will steal time from my work projects and reverse engineer every one of his pieces.

In his beautiful website, Hans Dybkjær (Denmark) has the following links to diagrams and photos of Simon Andersen’s origami work:

Thank you Hans for facilitating the connection between Simon and myself!

la caja de Simón

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Photos © Leyla Torres. Origami models created and folded by Simon Andersen (Denmark).


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