Click here and visit Origami Spirit, where you will find variations and instructions on how to fold these origami stars.

F • E • L • I • Z N • A • V • I • D • A • D


I came across a site featuring links to one hundred products inspired by origami. Among those products is this soft, absorbent 2-ply tissue, which promises to “convert even the most stalwart crumpler.”

Here is the link to the online store where this origami toilet paper is sold although at this time is SOLD OUT  😦

Update: Diana Lee has sent me a link to  Amazon, where this origami toilet paper can be purchased.

Dear Santa Claus

I usually don’t like to bother you with Christmas wishes because I know that you must be overwhelmed receiving requests from paper folders all over the world.

This year will be an exception though. I do have a wish for the coming Christmas.

I’d like to receive a book called Origami Essence written by  Román Díaz, a good friend of mine and a great origami master.

For your convenience, here I send you a link to the site of Nicolas Terry (France) which is the only place you can purchase it.

The book is full of great models, from simple to complex, but I am especially interested in inflatable models like the ones in the photographs below.

I will be very happy if you leave a copy of this great book under my tree. And I will be much happier if you bring a copy of this book to all the readers of my blog.



PS. I promise you I will recycle all the gift  wrapping paper into a ton of origami models!


If you have something to say, then say it. If not, enjoy the silence while it lasts. The noise will return soon enough.

Quoted from IGNORE EVERYBODY, and 39 other keys to creativity. Author Hugh McLeod

Photo © Leyla Torres

Here and Now


This entry has to do with origami

only to the extent that it is about a square,

but not a square of paper, but one of time.

My recent birthday

was a square of seven sevens:


I am at the same distance of being twenty-eight

as I was when I was seven

and as I am today of being seventy.

Looking at such  chunks of time,

it shrinks.

Life seems to be just a blink.

I realize in bewilderment

that this is the first week

of my fiftieth year,


A Wise Soul advises me to do away

with this habit of keeping numbers.

I will pay attention!

I have decided

to focus on the “Here and Now”.

I must keep no count

and forever live in the present moment…


On several occasions in past years I have suffered from pain in my shoulders or my hands. Two years back, when I had a painful wrist that kept me from work for several weeks, I found a book titled  The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders,  written by Dr. John E. Sarno, who presently practices medicine at New York University Medical Center. He describes what he has called Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), or pain caused by emotional stress.

Following the recommendations in his book, my wrist pain disappeared then, and I could resume working. Thanks to Sarno’s theories, many people Continue Reading »


I believe that many practitioners of origami, just like me,  like to leave  origami models in public places for someone to find them.
In the Fitful The Flog, a blog by Philip Chapman-BellOrigami, he invites us to play with the concept of leaving paper models at public places and document it with photographs. The game consists of the following:

  • Fold an origami model.
  • Leave it in a public place.
  • Take a photo at that site.
  • Become a member of flickr.
  • Upload the picture on the flickr “Origami for the People” group.

The only rule only rule they have is that you geotag your photo before you add it to the group. This allows people to see the contributions on a map.

Last Saturday, while waiting for my husband who was racing up to the summit of Mount Washington (NH) on his bicycle, I left one of my  origami hens on the summit sign, took a photo and put it in the flickr group. You may  locate it here on the map.

I love the idea and, being from Latin America, I’d love to see many tagged photos of origami left in public places of Latin America!