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This year, much to the pride of Latin Americans, we had Román Díaz (Uruguay) as a special guest at the Origami USA convention in New York City. He is the first person ever from Latin America to be invited as a special guest to this origami event.

I have been following the progress of Román’s artistic origami work since the beginning of the decade, and it was a great pleasure to finally meet him in person and have the opportunity of folding paper at the same table! Here I show the flower that Román  taught to Fernando Villarruel and me.

Román is a prolific and self-taught  (in the full sense of the word) origami artist, who has created a large range of origami models to suit all tastes: from the simplest such as flowers and frogs to the most complex, such as bulls and unicorns. Here are some samples of the models he exhibited at the convention.

Román has created his own origami vocabulary, which makes his work unique and original. He published his first book, Origami for Interpreters, some years ago and has just published his second book, Origami Essence. Through these books, origami practitioners can go beyond being visual fans of Román’s wide range of work, and become participants of his ingenious and elegant folding processes.

Here I show photos taken at the Origami USA 2010 convention where I highlighted the presence of Román Díaz as well as other participants who came from Latin America, including Noelia Ávila (Argentina), Luz de Pessoa (Brazil) and Fernando Villarruel (Mexico).


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I believe that many practitioners of origami, just like me,  like to leave  origami models in public places for someone to find them.
In the Fitful The Flog, a blog by Philip Chapman-BellOrigami, he invites us to play with the concept of leaving paper models at public places and document it with photographs. The game consists of the following:

  • Fold an origami model.
  • Leave it in a public place.
  • Take a photo at that site.
  • Become a member of flickr.
  • Upload the picture on the flickr “Origami for the People” group.

The only rule only rule they have is that you geotag your photo before you add it to the group. This allows people to see the contributions on a map.

Last Saturday, while waiting for my husband who was racing up to the summit of Mount Washington (NH) on his bicycle, I left one of my  origami hens on the summit sign, took a photo and put it in the flickr group. You may  locate it here on the map.

I love the idea and, being from Latin America, I’d love to see many tagged photos of origami left in public places of Latin America!


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I Love Origami

origami paper

Yesterday I received by mail a very unexpected package whose contents, no doubt, make me very happy: origami paper, origami pins and a love note. It was sent by none other than Betsy, my dear doctor of women’s affairs.

How about this brooch! Fabulous, isn’t it?
I love Origami brooch

I love origami.
I love packages with great surprises inside.
I love people who send them!

Thank you Betsy!

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hummingbird 2

Visit Origami Spirit for video instructions on how to fold this delightful origami Hummingbird.

Origami model designed by Andrés Plazas. Folded by Leyla Torres. Photo © Leyla Torres.

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