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Since my friend Roman Diaz  showed me the photos of this inflatable origami swan, one of his creations, I was looking forward to folding it. Recently, he  published the diagrams in his wonderful book “Origami Essence”. Although I don’t own this book yet, I finally had the opportunity to fold this swan in particular.

The folding sequence is elegant, and here I post the result  with great satisfaction. The model is meant to be duo-color, but I folded it using onion skin paper, which is white on both sides.

May 14, 2010 update: I bought my copy of Origami Essence. I love it! Do not hesitate to buy it. It’s worth every penny.


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Click here and visit Origami Spirit, where you will find variations and instructions on how to fold these origami stars.

F • E • L • I • Z N • A • V • I • D • A • D

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origami butterfly

Read HERE the full post about techniques to decorate paper.

Photos © Leyla Torres.
Origamy Buterfly created by Michael LaFosse,  folded by Leyla Torres.

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I Love Origami

origami paper

Yesterday I received by mail a very unexpected package whose contents, no doubt, make me very happy: origami paper, origami pins and a love note. It was sent by none other than Betsy, my dear doctor of women’s affairs.

How about this brooch! Fabulous, isn’t it?
I love Origami brooch

I love origami.
I love packages with great surprises inside.
I love people who send them!

Thank you Betsy!

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Paper Christmas ornaments made by hand

I found instructions to make these Christmas ornaments at Design Sponge. They are not origami in the pure sense of the concept, but the result is nice. Parents or teachers can make them very easily with children at home or in the classroom. I’d love to make them with my nieces and nephews! You can use bright color paper or recycled paper from magazines hopefully colored on both sides.

  • Cut nine paper circles and fold  them in half.
  • Staple them together in the fold. This will form a circular-page booklet.
  • Glue together the bottom third of two pages.
  • Turn the page and glue the top third of the next page.
  • Continue gluing pages together, alternating the application of glue up and down until the ball is formed.

Here are steps photos. Click to enlarge image.

steps to make a paper Christmas ornament

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