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This year, much to the pride of Latin Americans, we had Román Díaz (Uruguay) as a special guest at the Origami USA convention in New York City. He is the first person ever from Latin America to be invited as a special guest to this origami event.

I have been following the progress of Román’s artistic origami work since the beginning of the decade, and it was a great pleasure to finally meet him in person and have the opportunity of folding paper at the same table! Here I show the flower that Román  taught to Fernando Villarruel and me.

Román is a prolific and self-taught  (in the full sense of the word) origami artist, who has created a large range of origami models to suit all tastes: from the simplest such as flowers and frogs to the most complex, such as bulls and unicorns. Here are some samples of the models he exhibited at the convention.

Román has created his own origami vocabulary, which makes his work unique and original. He published his first book, Origami for Interpreters, some years ago and has just published his second book, Origami Essence. Through these books, origami practitioners can go beyond being visual fans of Román’s wide range of work, and become participants of his ingenious and elegant folding processes.

Here I show photos taken at the Origami USA 2010 convention where I highlighted the presence of Román Díaz as well as other participants who came from Latin America, including Noelia Ávila (Argentina), Luz de Pessoa (Brazil) and Fernando Villarruel (Mexico).


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Since my friend Roman Diaz  showed me the photos of this inflatable origami swan, one of his creations, I was looking forward to folding it. Recently, he  published the diagrams in his wonderful book “Origami Essence”. Although I don’t own this book yet, I finally had the opportunity to fold this swan in particular.

The folding sequence is elegant, and here I post the result  with great satisfaction. The model is meant to be duo-color, but I folded it using onion skin paper, which is white on both sides.

May 14, 2010 update: I bought my copy of Origami Essence. I love it! Do not hesitate to buy it. It’s worth every penny.

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origami snailFor several years a banana plant has lived with me. She spends the winter inside, in my studio, and the summer on my deck.
This morning an origami snail came and whispered to her that all the trees outside are dressed in green. No dangerous frost will kill her leaves or her heart.
My banana plant and I will have the illusion of living in the warm temperatures of our tropical homelands for the next five months. Now we both are allowed to go out to the deck and sunbathe again. Yay!!!

banana plant
Photos © Leyla Torres. Origami snail created by Robert Lang. Folded by  Leyla Torres.  Diagrams: Origami Kit For Dummies by Nick Robinson.

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rana-Roman DiazIn recent days,  I have been folding repeatedly and with delightful satisfaction, this origami frog designed by Román Díaz.

Today, as I was folding this model, I remembered a day long ago when I was a mere six or seven years old,  wandering at break-time through the hallways of my elementary school.

Suddenly, two girls –older and intimidating at the advanced ages of perhaps eleven,  approached me. One of them stretched out her arm and removed something from the top of my head.  She carefully opened her hand, and there in her palm sat a tiny, wet, green, and very much alive, frog. “Look what you had on your head!” she said.

I stared in innocent amazement at this clandestine passenger, and could not imagine how, or where, or when,  she might have hopped  aboard.

The girls walked away with my frog, and looking after them I was sad that I couldn’t keep this new-found friend. But even so I never had a doubt, until just a few years ago, that on that day these self-appointed monitors of public order  had discovered a stowaway, traveling blissfully with me through the hallways of my elementary school.

origami frog by Roman DiazOrigami frog, created by Román Díaz

Diagrams: Origami Kit For Dummies by Nick Robinson

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Here are a couple of excellent origami books published at the end of 2008:

Origami Kit For Dummies contains some traditional models and a variety of beautiful contemporary models, relatively easy to fold, by various origami creators. It’s a good addition to the library of the beginner as well as the experienced folder. To welcome the New Year, I folded a twist flower (by  Yoshihide Momotani) from this book, which I show in the photos above.
Genuine Origami is a treasure-trove of origami models created by the Japanese master Jun Maekawa. He guides the reader through simple figures (a mouse, an elephant, Santa Claus) all the way up to highly sophisticated models. I followed diagrams in this book to fold the turkey and the frog in the photos below.
A good book has no ending.  ~R.D. Cumming

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My friend Nancy Tschorn asked if I could fold half dozen origami bees that she could give as a  gift to her twelve-year-old grandson, who also happens to be a beekeeper.

My challenge was that the only origami bees I had seen were complex……..

Click here to read how I made the bee and learn how you can make it!


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Read in Origami Spirit about a collection of 464 variations of the windmill base,

and watch a video on how to fold the base and start your own collection.

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