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I’ve been playing not with origami paper but with origami words.

This cloud of origami words  was created in  WORDLE, the website of Jonathan Feinberg. I encourage you to create your own word cloud. And it doesn’t have to be a cloud of origami words. You can use love words, soccer world cup words, cooking words, gardening words, recycling words…  anything!



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simon andersen origami modelsA couple of days ago I received a box full of origami surprises created and folded  by Simon Andersen, a very prolific paper folder from Denmark.

I couldn’t wait to open it, and when I did… Wow!! I felt like a little child in Christmas. The only difference is that I took the models out slowly to savor every piece. I wanted to prolong my joy as much as possible.

The simplicity and beauty of his models go straight to my heart. Using the water-bomb base and a few folds, he has created these abstract and expressive origami models. Some of them are inflatable. I also loved Simon’s letter, written on the cardboard box, and his use of humble and unconventional papers… including sand paper!
His work is definitely an invitation to play, explore and learn. Little by little I will steal time from my work projects and reverse engineer every one of his pieces.

In his beautiful website, Hans Dybkjær (Denmark) has the following links to diagrams and photos of Simon Andersen’s origami work:

Thank you Hans for facilitating the connection between Simon and myself!

la caja de Simón

Here is a related post in this blog.

Photos © Leyla Torres. Origami models created and folded by Simon Andersen (Denmark).

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This entry explains how to reuse found tissue paper to fold it into an origami mushroom using the crumpling technique.  Read it now in Origami Spirit.

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Christmas tree made of origami shoes

These days I have folded high-heel shoes in all styles and for all occasions…read more in I have dropped everything to become a shoemaker!

mondrian shoes red shoes

zapatos-verdes zapatos-tarot

Photo © Leyla Torres.

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origami by Kumi Yamashita origami by Kumi Yamashita

“Origami” is the title of one of the works displayed in the website gallery of Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita, among many other of her excellent pieces of art work.

Kumi Yamashita made some slight folds to each of a series of colored aluminum square sheets. Once mounted on a white wall, she lit the group of squares from the right. The folds on each square cause it to cast a shadow in the shape of the profile of a human face.


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origami lotus flowers

I have heard it said that the soothing power of repetition is the heart of meditation. Folding an origami model time and time again produces for me a calming and meditative effect. When I fold a model many times I also begin to discover its secrets. I understand the process more clearly and discover easier ways to fold it. This is what I have experienced these past few days as I’ve repeatedly folded this traditional lotus flower.

See the video to fold this flower on Origami Spirit.

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origami contemporary pegasus

This winged origami car was created by Roberto Romero (Peru). It is based on a car designed by Charles Esseltine (US).

It took flight from the land of the Incas and came to sit in front of my eyes and in my imagination –four thousand kilometers away- in the neighborhoods of the North Pole, where I live. With the addition of these wings, our mundane four-wheel horse acquired the poetic aura of a contemporary Pegasus.

I feel like I have been invited to fly. Where will I be able to travel? Who else could I invite to embark? What adventures will I find flying on this Pegasus of modern life?

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