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At this new address I will continue writing about origami –in English and Spanish, sharing my enthusiasm for paper folding in the same spirit as I have on The Braid.

Writing at The Braid has been rewarding in many ways including the formation of friendships with people around the world for whom paper folding is also a passion.

This move has been possible with the valuable assistance of John Sutton, my great advisor of all things web (My Web Advisor).

Thank you very much for your visits to The Braid and for sharing your experiences. I look forward to seeing you over at ORIGAMI SPIRIT.


Recently, my family celebrated  my parent’s golden anniversary.  Since I wanted origami to be present on this occasion, I asked for ideas to a group of friends with whom I communicate through an Internet origami mailing list.
Hans-Werner Guth (Germany) sent me a very nice idea of his creation…

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This year, much to the pride of Latin Americans, we had Román Díaz (Uruguay) as a special guest at the Origami USA convention in New York City. He is the first person ever from Latin America to be invited as a special guest to this origami event.

I have been following the progress of Román’s artistic origami work since the beginning of the decade, and it was a great pleasure to finally meet him in person and have the opportunity of folding paper at the same table! Here I show the flower that Román  taught to Fernando Villarruel and me.

Román is a prolific and self-taught  (in the full sense of the word) origami artist, who has created a large range of origami models to suit all tastes: from the simplest such as flowers and frogs to the most complex, such as bulls and unicorns. Here are some samples of the models he exhibited at the convention.

Román has created his own origami vocabulary, which makes his work unique and original. He published his first book, Origami for Interpreters, some years ago and has just published his second book, Origami Essence. Through these books, origami practitioners can go beyond being visual fans of Román’s wide range of work, and become participants of his ingenious and elegant folding processes.

Here I show photos taken at the Origami USA 2010 convention where I highlighted the presence of Román Díaz as well as other participants who came from Latin America, including Noelia Ávila (Argentina), Luz de Pessoa (Brazil) and Fernando Villarruel (Mexico).

I’ve been playing not with origami paper but with origami words.

This cloud of origami words  was created in  WORDLE, the website of Jonathan Feinberg. I encourage you to create your own word cloud. And it doesn’t have to be a cloud of origami words. You can use love words, soccer world cup words, cooking words, gardening words, recycling words…  anything!


Still Untouched

The subject of this card refers to the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I am contributing this original card-size mixed-media art to raise funds for institutions that work to help the wildlife victims in the Gulf of Mexico. For more information please visit the blog Ripple by Kelly Light.

Origami model : “Seagull” Created by Simon Andersen.  Diagrams for this seagull are found in the website of Hans Dybkjær (Denmark)

These days I have not been folding paper or writing about origami in here. At the moment I am a dragonfly exploring some other gardens. Feel free to explore this blog and enjoy older posts and links to diagrams. Drop me a note or comment if you would like. I always read and try to respond. May the spirit of playfulness be always with you!

Since my friend Roman Diaz  showed me the photos of this inflatable origami swan, one of his creations, I was looking forward to folding it. Recently, he  published the diagrams in his wonderful book “Origami Essence”. Although I don’t own this book yet, I finally had the opportunity to fold this swan in particular.

The folding sequence is elegant, and here I post the result  with great satisfaction. The model is meant to be duo-color, but I folded it using onion skin paper, which is white on both sides.

May 14, 2010 update: I bought my copy of Origami Essence. I love it! Do not hesitate to buy it. It’s worth every penny.